Women See Men As Human ATMs, Nothing More

I feel sorry for a man who display neediness. A man who is always extra nice to a girl, buys her gifts, runs her errands, and even ignores his friends for her. Perhaps he should be asked, “why doesn’t she do all this for you?”

These needy men still have not understood that a woman ONLY wants a man’s money. Lose your money and see how quickly she will disappear, or run away to be with some other man. At the time of marriage, she how women and their parents question men about their salary, job, bank account, what car they drive, whether their house/apartment is their own, what vacation they can afford, etc. See how matrimonials are splattered with ads asking for ‘well-settled’ men. Men are nothing more than walking, talking wallets and cash machines for women. 100% women are gold-diggers.

A man who cannot figure out a woman’s trickery, deception, and lies is a fool.


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