94% Pickpockets Caught In Delhi Metro Are Women

According to this report by The Times Of India, 94% pickpockets caught in Delhi metro are women. It is not surprising, but in today’s world media has demonized men to the point where we attach all negative aspects of society to men, whereas that is far from the truth. In reality, it is quite the opposite.

Below are some testimonies:

A girl picked up my bag and walked away

 I was returning from a shopping trip in GK, and I took the Metro because I wanted to avoid traffic. I was in the pink coach and had put my shopping bag on the floor. A girl in formals was getting off at Patel Chowk, and she picked my bag up and started walking ahead! When I shouted after her that it was my bag, she started to walk faster. I also got off the Metro and ran after her, and told the guards. When the guards caught her, she casually said, “Sorry, I didn’t realize I had picked up the wrong bag,” and just walked away.
 – Sakshi Tiwari, medical student

A chatty pickpocket

I have this habit of starting a conversation with anyone in the Metro. I get bored, and I can’t pretend to be busy with my phone. Once, in the ladies’ compartment, this girl smiled at me and I returned her smile. Then she asked me where I was going, and this is how we started talking to each other. I thought she was very sweet. She boarded at Yamuna Bank, and was with me till Mandi House. In this span of ten minutes, she took my wallet. She was behind me when I was getting off at Mandi House. It was crowded and I could feel a hand on my back. When I turned around, she simply said sorry and smiled. When I came out and took an auto, I discovered that I didn’t have my wallet. Since then, I either try to stand in such a way that no one is behind me, or if it’s too crowded, I keep checking my bag and wallet.
– Nivedita Batra, 17, student

Asli waali jeb kat gayi

I usually go in the pink compartment. Not because it is safer or something, but because while returning in the evening, the Metro gets so crowded that boarding the general compartment only means inviting inappropriate touches. Recently, when I was at Rajeev Chowk station, I realized that my purse wasn’t in my bag. When I started looking for it, I was shocked to see that my bag had a cut. I don’t even remember how or when it happened. It was literally jeb katna. The ladies’ compartment was so crowded that everyone was stepping on each other. All I remember is two-three girls leaning on me, and it was so crowded that despite asking them to move, they couldn’t. I think it was they who cut my bag.
– Priyanka Singh, 23, web developer.

I lost my month’s salary

I’m afraid of crowds ever since I lost an entire month’s salary. Since I have a part-time job, I don’t get paid through cheque, but cash. I was carrying 8,000, and I thought it would be safe to be in the women’s compartment to avoid any untoward incident. I never realized when someone cut my bag and not a single penny was left. I don’t understand how these pickpockets find out where we keep the money. My only mistake was that I was excitedly telling my friend that we’d party with this salary.
– Neha Bharadwaj, 24, content writer




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