Gender Wage Gap Does Not Exist

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It is clear as daylight that feminism is a cult which aims to send women in the workforce to destroy family life, and brainwashes women to take men’s jobs and work outside the home even though women are inefficient compared to men. If that is not enough, there is further propaganda under the guise of gender wage gap.

Since a while now, there have been cries over women not receiving the same pay as men. That, quite frankly, is amusing. If the gender wage gap was true, everyone would hire women and save money, however, that is not the case. This is because the so called gender wage gap does not exist. It is a myth, a propaganda to propel women’s victim status. The feminist cult thrives on the evergreen image of women as victims.

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No two people in the world are paid the same. Whether it is two pilots, two teachers, two doctors, two engineers, or two people in any profession. There is always a difference in academic credentials, experience, work ethics, what you bring to the table, number of hours worked, skill set, punctuality and attendance, etc. Everyone is different.

Women are known to take more time off, especially maternity leave, and work less number of hours than men. Anyone with common sense knows that if you take more days off from work, you cannot be expected to be paid the same as someone who works more hours than you.

Women choose easier courses in college, such as arts and humanities, whereas men opt for engineering and science. Women take easier courses, then compare themselves with men who toil with much tougher subjects. Obviously, someone with a degree in humanities cannot be expected to be paid the same as an engineer.

Men work the most dangerous jobs in the world, which is another reason why men are paid more. 97% workplace deaths are of men. Coal miners, roofers, truck drivers, iron and steel workers, garbage collectors, sewage cleaners, scaffolders, construction laborers, linemen, alligator wrestlers, lion tamers, etc –  women are welcome to work these jobs in their quest for equality.

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Civilization has been built on the bodies of dead men. Men have sacrificed tears, blood, and sweat to feed women and children. Of course, women have shown nothing but apathy and ingratitude. Men have been victimized, and portrayed as villains.


One thought on “Gender Wage Gap Does Not Exist

  1. In India, the house maids are usually females. There are also a significant number of females on the workforce of the local municipalities and also civil contractors. How does the wage gap factor into such situations as the instances of miners and sewage workers being 100% of the workforce is 100% true only in case of first world countries?


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