Men Are Easy Targets Of False Rape Cases

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Draconian Indian laws have landed the ball in women’s court, where a woman can land a man behind bars simply by pointing a finger at him. A woman is innocent until proven guilty, however, a man is guilty until proven innocent. Often, a woman’s word is taken as evidence, and is enough to destroy a man’s life. Even if a man is able to prove himself innocent, his image in society is tarnished, he faces depression, his job prospects are destroyed, and it greatly impacts his family.

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The reasons for a woman filing a false rape case are many, and can be read in the compilation termed false rape filesbut the lunacy has reached a level where if you save a woman from drowning, you can be charged with rape, or if you have sex, you better make sure she enjoys it, otherwise don’t be surprised if you are accused falsely!

False Rape

Countless men have spent years behind bars for crimes they did not commit, courtesy of false cases, and in today’s world, women are portrayed as victims whereas men are the real victims. The entire justice system is biased in women’s favor, and innocent men rotting in jail is not news anymore. The message is clear: only women are human beings.

It is surprising that the Nirbhaya rape case got undivided attention, media coverage, televised discussions, and a documentary was made on it, however, an innocent man in Nagaland who was accused falsely and then dragged over 7 kms, pelted with stones, beaten with sticks, kicked, punched, and finally hung – was not news. The accuser was not punished, neither was the public who murdered an innocent man. Everyone walked away scot free, after killing a man so brutally and viciously.

Dimapur lynching: It was ‘consensual sex’ not rape, says Nagaland govt report

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The public did not bother to investigate whether he was guilty or not. Just on a woman’s word, he became a criminal and was lynched. He was stripped naked, bled profusely as he was beaten with fists and sticks, people hurled stones at him, but the worst part was how they clicked his photos, as if it was some kind of entertainment.

Children lost a father, a woman lost a husband, a mother lost a son. If feminism is about women’s rights, then where was feminism for his wife and mother?

Many innocent men do jail time for years. In Cleveland, Raymond Towler was sentenced for rape in 1981, only to be cleared 29 years later. I wonder how many Raymond Towler’s there are in the world, rotting behind bars.



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