Men: The Real Victims Of Domestic Violence

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More than half of the victims of domestic violence are men, especially because violence is not just limited to physical violence. Psychological abuse is just as bad, if not worse. Studies show that women are more violent than men, but the media never covers men’s issues and problems. Men themselves are hesitant to talk about being battered by their wives, since men feel it is embarrassing for a man to be beaten by a woman. Even the police is uncooperative and laugh at male victims.

DNA India reports:

A new survey has found that no less than 98% of Indian urban husbands say they have faced domestic violence in one form or the other during married life.

Nagging, grumbling, taunting, name calling, refusing food, denying sexual intercourse, abusing parents and family members, snatching salary, throwing objects, scratching with nails and biting, threats of suicide and even eviction from the house were some of the common forms of abuse mentioned. But perhaps the most serious was framing of false charges under the Indian Penal Code.

The term ‘domestic violence’ itself is used to automatically mean ‘domestic violence against women’ whereas this could not be further from the truth. Men are not only victimized more, but also ignored. 100% of domestic violence shelters are for women. None for men! This is the height of misandry and discrimination against men.

If you take a stance against domestic violence against men, you can become a victim of death threats, as was the case with activist Erin Pizzey:

Pizzey has been the subject of death threats and boycotts because of her research into the claim that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally capable of violence as men.

The double standards of domestic violence are also sickening. It is acceptable and even amusing when a woman hits a man, but suddenly it becomes wrong if a man hits a woman, even if it to defend himself. If a woman attacks a man with a knife and he pushes her in self-defense and she falls down, hurts herself and calls the police, it is not difficult to guess who the police will arrest. It will be the man. There have been countless cases of such a nature.

One must ask, where are the images of battered men? Why is the media silent on violence against men? Why are women who file false cases of domestic violence not punished by the law? Why are there no domestic violence shelters for men? Why the double standards regarding domestic violence? Why the injustice towards men?

Domestic violence does not have a gender. Violence is violence.

The video below is a social experiment. In the first half, the man is abusive towards the woman. The public takes it seriously, intervenes, and even threaten to call the police. In the second half, the woman is shown as being abusive, but onlookers just stand and watch, some even smile, finding the incident amusing.


2 thoughts on “Men: The Real Victims Of Domestic Violence

  1. […] The allegations, trips to Delhi, the unreasonable demand for alimony, which is much more than my capacity and the sheer emotional toll it has taken on my parents and me is immense. The breakdown of the marriage has affected us physically, emotionally and psychologically. My mother has needed therapy to cope up and I have become a shadow of my former self. In our country, when a marriage doesn’t work out, blame is automatically allocated on the boy and his family. Luckily, my friends, neighbors are people who were first-hand witnesses to the behavior of my wife have been supportive. I shudder to think what would have happened without their encouragement. I would probably have ended up as a statistic of men committing suicide due to harassment. My gullibility and immense faith in the institution of marriage is a bygone thing. Now, all I want is to be out of this mess and try and gather the scattered pieces of my life. Originally published on Times Of India Also see: Men: The Real Victims Of Domestic Violence […]


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