Heart-Wrenching Suicide Letter

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According to the following article by the ‘Times of India’:

From 2005 to 2008, as many as 22,000 men have ended their lives in reverse dowry harassment after allegedly being tormented by their wives. In contrast, dowry harassment has driven 6,800 women to suicide.

This means that more than 3 times as many men are being killed as compared to women. Yet there is nothing in the media regarding the oppression on men by women.  Women’s cruelty has increased with the advent of draconian Indian laws, where a woman’s word is considered enough evidence.

Shoaib Ilyasi’s film ‘498A: A Wedding Gift’ was banned while activist Deepika Bharadwaj has received death threats over her documentary ‘Martyrs of Marriage’, a documentary on the injustice that men face at the hands of women courtesy of false cases of dowry. Along with false cases of dowry, there is no shortage of fake cases of domestic violence and fabricated allegations of rape. Read a few of them, categorized under false rape files.

According to The Hindu, there are almost 80,000 male suicides every year, which is one male suicide every 6 minutes. 

Below is a suicide letter by yet another victim, Avadhesh Yadav, whose wife’s cruelty forced him to commit suicide:

My name is Avadhesh Yadav and I work in a private bank. I got married to Unnati Yadav on December 7, 2012. Within a week of marriage, she started pestering my family by asking divorce for no reason. We ignored. She never allowed me to come close to her for 2-3 months after the marriage. My father advised that with time everything will be fine. But it got only worse. She started misbehaving with my parents, hurling abuses at them. When we complained about this to her family, they gave excuses of some “external influence” on her and they would get her treated. She now started going almost every day at her home and threatened us of a dowry case if we said anything.

In September 2013, she left my home. In December, my father was getting retired and he wished that his daughter-in-law should be part of this program. We signed a mutual agreement where she accepted her wrongdoings and promised to be cordial with the family and I promised to do everything possible to take good care of her. She came back only to harass us even more. She demanded that I leave my parents. Threats of dowry and domestic violence cases increased. Things came to a point where she left my home again in July 2014 with her entire belongings.

On advice of lawyers, we filed a case of restitution of conjugal rights, requesting her to come back. Three months after that in September, she filed a false dowry and domestic violence case (498A) on me, my mother, father, elder brother and his wife. We got bail. Her brother told me she wants to come back.

I refused saying now this was not possible and suggested that we get separated amicably. He refused and threatened me of false cases of molestation, rape on my father and brother and, acid attack on me and getting me killed. Unnati eventually filed a case of molestation in January on my father and brother and they were arrested. I don’t know what will this step of mine lead to but I want to save my family from all this humiliation. After I go, they would probably be in peace. I also wish to ask our law makers, how they can make laws that give so much credence to mere words of a woman that whatever the other person is saying has no relevance. Shouldn’t the other side be heard too? My father and brother were picked up by police on her statement alone without any evidence.

My family that never even saw a police station has to now do the rounds just because of me. Without any evidence we have been labelled criminals. Nothing that Unnati wrote about dowry or violence is true. Authorities can investigate the veracity of her statements. They claim to have spent Rs 20 lakh on the wedding; can someone ask them where did they get so much money from? They are demanding that we transfer my father’s house in her name. A person who is making such demands before even living with me, what will she do later? I do not want to see my family in pain. I could think of no other way than this to save my family.

Please help my family get out of this problem.

Mummy, Papa, forgive me please and take care of yourself.

Please do not cry as tears in your eyes would trouble me even more. MY LAST WISH – PLEASE LEAVE MY FAMILY MEMBERS.

Avadhesh Yadav


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