Pooja Misrra Is A Liar And A Thug

Pooja Misrra is the ugly face of “women empowerment”

Pooja Misrra is a small time television actress and a third rate model in India. She is known mostly because of her appearance on the TV show Big(g) Boss – Season 5.

Like most people, we at purushatma knew little about her until recently when we came across a shocking video of her creating ruckus in a store in Delhi’s Karol Baug. Watch the video.

In the video, Pooja Misrra is seen manhandling some people, kicking and shouting curse words. Not only that, as we learned later form the news reports, she was also carrying a gun and had threatened to fire it during this fight in the store.

She had got into the fight with some customers over them allegedly staring at her. This took place at 2 am in the night when she entered half naked in the store. According to some people present at the scene, she was drunk too.

One has to be a degenerate breed of modern woman to be able to go out drunk and half naked in the middle of the night and want that people don’t stare at one. Roam around half naked in the middle of the night, then cry sexual harassment, create a scene, assault a few men. That is the drill of women empowerment in modern times.

An ordinary person coming across this video might view it  as a woman fighting injustice in the male-dominated society and might feel proud of her. But with our knowledge and understanding of women we always take such displays of “women empowerment” with a grain of salt. So we did some digging into Pooja Misrra’s background.

Within seconds, with a couple of Google searches we learned that this is not the first time Pooja Misrra has publicly assaulted men. Here is another video, from September 2015 in which she is running away from a hotel without paying her dues, and when stopped by the hotel staff she shouts profanity, smashes the security guy’s cellphone on the ground, and physically assaults him.

Notice that she also accuses the security guy of touching her, trying to give it sexual harassment angle. Well, if you are running away from a hotel without paying your dues, won’t you be stopped? How would one stop you without touching you? Or do you expect that no one stops you? Imagine if there was a man in her place, how he would have been treated.

Here is one more video of Pooja Misrra with another third rate model Shruti Gupta in a police station in Andheri, Mumbai where they have taken the entire police station on their heads in the middle of the night. They are demanding police action because some men have allegedly misbehaved with them. The police is asking them to file a complaint before the action can be taken, but Pooja Misrra and the other woman just keep shouting and cursing the police which also includes a woman officer.

First of all, a women who hangs out in the middle of the night is acting irresponsibly putting herself in the way of danger of harassment, assault or rape. The first person to blame should anything of that nature happen is herself. Same goes for men as well. If a man roams around wearing expansive watch or carrying large amount of cash in the middle of the night and gets robbed, anyone with sound reasoning would blame the man first for being irresponsible. One has a right and recourse to police, but that does not mean one can completely give up one’s own sense of responsibility.

Secondly, in case of Pooja Misrra especially, we tend to believe that all her claims of sexual crimes against her are false. We believe that she is a liar and a thug. She is pulling stunts either for cheap publicity or because she is mentally sick and out of touch with the reality. Pooja Misrra is a pathological liar because she has cried rape more than once in the past which have later turned out to be false.

Back in April 2015, she was in the news for having been sexually molested in a hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We have found two interviews of her describing the incident with a huge inconsistency that clearly means she is lying. In the first video, she says that she came to know that she was sexually molested when she woke up and saw certain signs of it in her room. In the second video, describing the same incident she says with animated details that she woke up, went down to have breakfast and directly went to the airport. And in the airport washroom she saw the marks on her body, and that’s when she came to know that she was sexually molested.

Video 1

Video 2

There can not be such inconsistencies unless she is lying about it. She was never assaulted. It was also proven by investigation of the hotel room’s camera footage that it was merely a publicity stunt.

Udaipur Rajasthan Police have found the allegations of television actress and Big Boss 5 contestant Pooja Misrra false and baseless in its preliminary investigations.

Misrra had on Wednesday lodged an FIR against five persons, including actress Sonakshi Sinha and her mother Poonam, for hatching a conspiracy to harass her during her stay in a hotel here.

After scanning the CCTV footage of the Udaipur hotel where Pooja was staying on Wednesday night, police could not find any evidence in support of her charges. “CCTV ffotage has revealed there was no suspicious person entering Pooja’s hotel room,” police said.

In August 2015, she again claimed that she was raped for three days which, of course, is never proven:

Big Boss 5 contestant and model Pooja Mishra has made a shocking revelation yet again. Model has alleged that she was raped in Noida’s guest house by an unidentified man. She revealed that the unfortunate incident took place on August 17 in Noida’s sector 26.

Narrating her agony, Pooja in her complaint said that she was drugged and then raped by alleged person for three days.

We conclude that Pooja Misrra is a fallen woman and is a shame to the society. She has no problem falsely claiming to be victim of sexual assault or rape. And the way she comes up with these stunts every now and then tells us that she is a deranged psychopath.

Contrast this psychopath Pooja Misrra’s case with that of Sarvjeet Singh/Jasleen Kaur. What action did the police, media or the society take against Pooja Misrra? When a man is accused of sexual crime the police and the media leave no stone unturned in ruining the man’s life even when there is no proof against him. But women like Pooja Misrra go on committing the same crimes openly and repeatedly, and still continue to live as celebrities. It is grotesque.

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