Women Love to Be Used by Alpha Men

An Indian woman writes to the “expert” on The Times of India:

I am 24 years old and in love with a 31-year-old married man who has two children. I met him when I was 18 and he used to live in my neighbourhood. He forced himself on me several times before he got married. But soon after, I started loving him. He used to call me as per his sexual requirement. When I went for higher studies, he didn’t contact me even once. But, when I visited home during my holidays, he called me for the same thing.

I told him several times to talk to me about this relationship but he never bothered. I decided to cut off all contact with him when he told one of my friends that he uses me for his pleasure. Now, it’s been five years and I haven’t contacted him even once. I am now an assistant professor with a reputed college and everything else is going fine in my life but I am unable to forget him. I still love him and haven’t considered relationship with anyone else. He loves his wife and I know whatever I do, he will never realize my love for him.

Notice that —

  • He has the charisma, natural or learned, to “force himself” on her that attracts instead of repulsing her.
  • She was in her teens when he was a twenty-five year old man of marriageable age in India.
  • She is a fucktoy for him and she knows it. And that doesn’t prevent her from developing romantic feelings for him.
  • He forgets about her existence unless there is a possibility of getting sex from her.
  • He “never bothers” to give explanation to her on her inquiries about the nature their relationship.
  • He objectifies and devalues her by telling their friends that she is his bitch.

But she can’t forget him, even after five years of no contact, and loves him such that she can’t consider relationship with anyone else! This despite him being happily married with kids. That is the alpha effect at its best.

Women can’t resist being attracted to men who are psychopathic, callous and emotionally unavailable to them.

Men who treat them like garbage, so far as they have status or charisma, would win any day over white knights.

The testimony of the dark side of their sexuality is the fact that they almost never forget the alpha cads they have been pumped-and-dumped by. Here is another confession by a woman who even after fifty years suffers from the love for the man who took her virginity without giving anything in return.

Eventually, my efforts were rewarded. I was sitting in the library one day when he walked in. I felt white-hot desire and, propelled by almost insane love and longing, walked over to him. From then on, we started a sort of relationship. We would meet at parties and other functions — at which, I have to admit, he paid me scant attention. But I would interpret any little crumb of affection or interest as undying love on his part.

I soon lost my virginity to him, in his room at Henderson Hall, and thought my happiness was complete. I was so besotted that I never even noticed another young man lurking along the corridor, named Bryan Ferry.

The Christmas holidays came and I wondered how I could get through them without him. When I came back, I thought we were an item. But he was still being a very reluctant swain, and although keen enough to have sex, he never once asked me out, or even seemed to want to be seen with me.

I sort of knew it would never come right, yet, wilfully, I ignored all the warning signs. After one of our many nights of passion, more in love with him than ever, if that was possible, I saw him at the top of the steps of the Union Building and ran up to him.

Now, surely, he would return my love. But instead of flinging his arms around me, remembering the wonderful thrill of the night before, he turned away.

He never spoke to me again.

Notice the similarity? Story of women.

We advise men to keep their eyes and minds open for such confessions by women. They are aplenty on the Internet, and they inadvertently provide great lessons for men.

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One thought on “Women Love to Be Used by Alpha Men

  1. Women like to see that a man has a strong character and sets her bounderies. If you let a women do whatever she wans, she becomes unhappy and bitchy. Women are craving for men who lead them and they dispise the “soft” and weak men, including the “White Knight”. It’s a tragedy that the White Knights never find out how much they are manipulated by the female.

    from http://freedompowerandwealth.com


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