Manosphere in India and the West

While in the west, the manosphere is engaged with all of the following:

  • Game/TRP
  • PUA community
  • Combating third wave feminism
  • Combating gender bias in media and academia
  • Fathers’ rights
  • Rape laws and due process
  • Self-Improvement

In India, the manosphere is comparatively more focused on the draconian, ill-drafted, gender-biased laws which are being misused night and day to threaten and jail and falsely prosecute innocent husbands, fathers, and their families.

The other aspects of the western manosphere are yet to receive as much attention.  When one’s safety and liberty is under attack, the other higher-order goals naturally take a back seat.

The most prominent of the misused laws are:

  • IPC 498A (Cruelty against wife)
  • IPC 375 (Rape), and IPC 354 (“Outraging of modesty”)
  • PWDV (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence) Act
  • The various maintenance and alimony laws
  • The Sexual Harassment laws

Not content with these laws, feminists still remain on the lookout for ways in which women can be armed with even more laws, while eradicating due process for men.  The Marital Rape laws, the cyber-stalking laws, the irretrievable breakdown of marriage laws, revenge-porn laws, etc. are all coming soon.  And we can bet that such laws will favor women at the cost of men.

These laws are making life hell for men.  Even if a man is not accused, these laws have become a threat-point.  More and more in India, the only rational course for decent men seems to be to steer clear of women.  These days, only the criminally-minded, the politically-connected, the rich and the influential, are able to enjoy a woman’s company without fear.

Feminists and liberals do not see the dangers of such laws.  They only look at the lack of safety for women, but their solution is worse than the problem.  Women were never threatened by decent men.  And criminals are not deterred by these laws.  There is not even a single case in India where a powerful man was prosecuted and convicted and punished for a gender-related crime.

When gender relations are increasingly criminalized, only criminals will be left to engage with women.  Decent men will stay away from urban harridans, leaving them to be chewed and spit out by corrupt real-estate barons, liquor mafia dons, psychopathic thugs and goons, sons and nephews of politicians and billionaires and civil servants…

What that means for Indian society can well be imagined.  Most decent men want to leave India for economic reasons, but the time is not far when anyone considering marriage or dating will not want to do it on Indian soil, or with an Indian woman.

Coming back to our original topic. we encourage Indian men to navigate this legal minefield with care, while continuing to grow as individuals.  The battle to overturn these laws is going to take many lifetimes.  In the meantime, only money, power and influence can save you.


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