A Primer on Looking Good, contd.

We recently wrote a short primer on looking good.

A diligent man has collected much useful information about this particular topic and posted it on reddit.  As a homage to that man, we are going to copy-paste his article in its entirety:

(As an aside, we heartily recommend /r/seduction‘s sidebar material to acquaint you with “game”.)

What’s up guys,

Last week I wrote a long rant here on looks and what it felt to go from unattractive to attractive. After posting it, I’ve been getting messages asking for advice how to address one or another appearance related issue, how to improve certain areas of your looks.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of posts that seek help with looks (directly or indirectly) so I figured why not make a single guide to help address most of these questions, so that we can avoid the general “just dress well”, “hit the gym”, “eat healthy”, “improve your body language” and similar answers that are frankly as useful as the ever-popular “be yourself”, “just talk to her”, “be confident!”


So what this is (or hopefully will become) is a collection of best FREE guides available on the net that help you handle a particular area of your appearance. This is important – this guide is all about improving looks. Looking attractive and being attractive are two different things, they often correlate but not always.

I’ll split this guide into the following categories:

  • Physique
  • Style
  • Grooming
  • Body language / Posture

Now, as everyone else, I have my strengths and areas of expertise and there are areas that I’m more or less clueless about, other than I used particular resources to have them handled (physique / posture comes to mind).

For this reason, I want to make this a crowd-sourced resource which means that your suggestions for articles and guides to include are as good as mine and I’ll edit to include/replace them on the go.

This also means that you should take everything you read with a grain of salt – for the resources I’ll be including, I’ve tested and experimented most of them (not all, some are recommendations from guys, whose opinion on that topic I trust).

Few notes about the recommendations:

  • They need to be full, comprehensive “How to” guides on how to tackle a particular area of appearance, so let’s skip the “5 Reasons Why Squatting Is Awesome”, “3 Secret Tricks To Better Posture”, “How changing your sheets will help you clear your skin”, etc.
  • They have to be available for FREE (if you need to pay/subscribe to something to read the guide, it doesn’t belong here)
  • When making a recommendation please link to a particular guide instead of the website/forum itself. Finding specific content on a large site can be overwhelming and time-consuming and that goes against the goal of this post.
  • Reddit post recommendations are extremely welcomed and appreciated! I know that there’s a subreddit for pretty much everything these days and some of them have posts/guides that could give best paid content a run for its money, but frankly I don’t really explore other subreddits outside seddit and leagueoflegends (yeah, yeah, I’m a nerd), so I’m simply not aware of them – if you are, don’t be shy and share 🙂

Lastly, in the spirit that this is a crowd-sourced guide feel free to use/change/adapt/replicate it (I hope reddit doesn’t have any weird copyright rules for posts…)

(Disclaimer: some of the guides included below are written by yours truly. The thing is I’ve been writing for my own and other sites/forums (mostly seduction) for a while now and I always write “How To” guides with the intention to make them the-only-article-you’ll-ever-need, so at the risk of sounding cocky, if I include a guide written by me I truly think that it’s the best/most comprehensive free guide available on the topic.)

How To Use This Collection:

As you’ll soon see, there’s a ton of epic information here that if taken action on can help improve any area of your appearance. The problem with so much information it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just end up doing nothing.

So few tips to avoid that:

  • Focus on one topic at a time. Get it handled (for stuff like style/grooming) or set good habits in motion (diet/hitting the gym/skin care/body language) and only then move onto the next.
  • Focus on your most pressing aspect first. Don’t be the fat chick with pretty hair – it won’t matter how stylish or sexy you dress if you’re obese and, on the other hand, it won’t matter how toned and ripped you are if you’re hiding it under a loose hoodie all the time. You only look as good as your weakest point.

Now that we good this out the way, time for the good stuff.


Quite likely the most effective long-term investment in your appearance is to start working on your physique. It’s like preparing the canvas on which everything else like style, grooming, body language will be built on. The only issue is that it’s a long-term investment, especially if you’re trying to build new muscle or need to lose a lot of weight.

What might come as a surprise to many men is that the physique that is considered the sexiest, most attractive by women is not what you see in body builder magazines, it’s simply lean and muscular (ref: The Ideal Male Physique — What girls want & what guys want to be note: the survey and science behind is less than ideal, but from the discussions we’ve had on other sites on the topic and article itself with experienced seducers the results seem to match personal experiences too. Also, if you were to compare male models, who appear in women’s magazines tend to be about 10 pounds lighter than those that appear on men’s magazines)

Alright, the guides:

[Your recommendations. A full guide on bodyweight training would be great.]


Very few things can transform your image and attractiveness as quickly as the clothes you wear. No, you don’t need to spend thousands on expensive designer brands or know jack-shit about fabrics and stitching to reap the benefits of dressing sexy.

I’ll split this category into two – fundamentals and misc. The fundamentals, as the name suggests, need to be handled no matter what, otherwise you are shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to looks. Misc. part will help you take your “nice” look and make it “sexy”.



[Your recommendations]


Alright, we’re picking up speed – just two more categories left to cover. When it comes to grooming it really boils down to habits: having a beautiful, vibrating skin, healthy hair, the difference between rocking a monobrow and eyebrows that suit and looking flattering on your face really boils down to those little morning and evening routines we do anyway (the only exception I can think of is getting a haircut).

[Your recommendations. I‘d especially love to include a guide on colognes simply as an alternative.]

Body language

The way you carry yourself can make a tremendous impact on your attractiveness. Not only that it can and will impact the way you feel and even can help speed your process when it comes to improving physique (as you‘ll learn in the first recommendation).

  • MOBILITY WOD Episodes – it might sound strange, but the best resource I found on improving your posture and body language has nothing to do with seduction. Heck, it‘s not even a guide, but instead a collection of video episodes that go step by step and teach you how to correct your movements (when I first started experiment with this it was mind blowing. Heck, using few simple stretches removed my shoulder aches – that alone is worth a place here!). This is originally meant for athletes to help boost their performance, but very applicable for improving your appearance and seduction too.
  • Sexy Body Language for Men (Learned from Hot Girls) – one of the best pieces on attractive body language specifically for pick up and looking sexy.
  • Eliminating Unattractive Body Language – this is a lite, quick guide on attractive body language. It‘s the absolute basics, but it‘s a good idea to remind ourselves about them once in a while.
  • Develop a Strong He-Man Voice by Using the Voice Nature Gave You – a really cool guide that will help develop and improve your own voice.

[Your recommendations. If anyone knows of full guides on Alexander Technique it would be a great addition to the list. I‘m also currently experimenting with facial exercises, but couldn‘t find a free guide to share.]

Honorable mention: I Am Alpha M. imho it’s currently the best site for men who want to improve their appearance (the videos in particular), over the years Aaron created a video for pretty much every appearance related topic and the only reason why I haven’t included them in the list (well, only one) is that they usually are “bite size” and don’t really suit this “full guide” format.

Aaaannddd I guess that‘s it. Hope you’ll find this useful!

Really looking forward to your recommendations (we can add/replace current guides so that we only keep the best).



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