“You can’t handle a strong independent woman!”

We hear this a lot.  From spoilt sluts to alcoholic party girls to rude bitches, all claiming that they are special snowflakes deserving not just love and understanding, but admiration for their, ahem, “free spirits”.

We call bullshit on this.  Such women are put on the pedestal by beta males who think that by praising or tolerating their bad behavior, the girls will finally let them have sex with them.  And when a real man comes along who tells it like it is, the girls say: “You can’t handle me.”

Well, it is like this.  Once upon a time a man went to a car dealer to get the best car for his money.  One which would be a pleasure to drive for many many years, one which would be a beauty and a prized possession, and one which he would want to care for, and one he would proudly pass on to his yet-to-be-born son.

The dealer showed him a car which made loud noises, had quite a few scratches and dents, and which gave a bumpy ride and consumed lots of gas.  But it was still expensive because it was a red convertible, an eye-catcher even if at a distance.  The man was justifiably hesitant to buy such a car just for its (distant) looks, but the dealer kept insisting that it was a good deal.  When the man finally declined the deal saying that he wanted a reliable car, the dealer rudely said: “Ha, it’s ’cause you can’t handle this car.”

You get the idea.  When a man criticizes an unfeminine woman, it is him rejecting her because she is not worth it.  He sure as hell doesn’t want her to be a part of his life, for what she brings to the table.  Her masculine traits, her bitchiness and sarcasm, her drinking and sluttery, doesn’t inspire love and commitment in him.  Delusional feminists notwithstanding, he is not “intimidated” by her.  If I don’t like a movie or a book or piece of music or a badly cooked meal, I am not “intimidated” by it.  I am rejecting it.

From Solomon’s comment on Dalrock:

I know girls love the MM quote “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best” and I don’t know what MM’s “worst” was, but…

The girls that say that quote today haven’t taken into account this perspective:

“Your worst sucks, is unacceptable, and you are hereby rejected and disqualified for being an unwise, undisciplined, errant fool. Your ‘best’ is unimpressive and disappointing as well.”

Most girls cannot compute the fact that they are intolerable and lack even the basic elements of character or wisdom- probably because their trip on the carousel seems to contradict or deny the natural consequence- rejection. Too dumb to know that the carousel is rejection too.

Women- your pussy-pass is played out. If you banked on that in life, you have earned your suffering well. Your sass and ill behavior is unbecoming, and will earn you the same desolation.

From Rational Male:

One of the indicators of a fem-centric society is the empowerment of uniquely female failings and the fluid re-engineering of net negatives into net positives. The message here is that a woman’s best outweighs her worst. For guys, a woman’s best – the best we’d like to enjoy – generally has to do with how hot she is and the exclusive sexual access and desire she has for us. However there is an ubiquitous price to be paid in order to enjoy a woman’s best, and sometimes her worst isn’t worth her best.


3 thoughts on ““You can’t handle a strong independent woman!”

  1. So true. And they wonder why they’re discarded so easily by men. They don’t do anything to make themselves valuable to men’s lives.


  2. Well that is very obvious to me since Most of the women these days are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, money hungry, and very picky, which is the real reason why many of us Good men are still single today which it is a real shame that the Good old fashioned women are Not around anymore since many of us men by now would’ve been all settled down today with a real Good wife and family.


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