Sunitha Krishnan (Prajwala) is a Fraud (part 2)

Part 1 of the investigation.

So her doctorate is a fabrication.  It does not exist.  She is a liar.

Her claims of teaching children when she was 8 and running slum schools when she was 12 are dubious too.  The Wikipedia page states:

Her passion for social work became manifested when, at the age of 8 years, she started teaching dance to mentally challenged children. By the age of 12, she was running schools in slums for underprivileged children.

The only reference for this is an article in The Hindu, which just states the same:

Social work and Sunitha go a long way back, when she started teaching dance to mentally retarded children by the time she was eight, and running schools in slums when she was 12.

Yeah, sure.  There is no evidence of all these dubious claims.  Where were the slums?  What was involved in her “running the schools”?  Where are the details? Where is the corroboration?  There is none, zip, zilch, nada.

Another claim to fame for her is her supposed arrest and incarceration after protesting against the Miss World pageant held in Bangalore.

Then, I was arrested for protesting (against the 1995 Miss World contest held in Bangalore) and had to spend some time in jail.

She milks the story fully:

I was in the jail for months and I experienced rejection, complete rejection from family and such. That was another experience that molded me in a very big way. There was a physical isolation, in terms of not meeting people, and nobody coming to you and nobody bothering to see how she’s doing or what she’s doing and what kind of conditions she’s living in. I remember days waiting for somebody to come. My father tried coming and he did come once or twice, but my mother, my sisters and my brother and even my friends, they didn’t think it was important to see me in jail. I remember, there was this huge door and during the day there would be a knock, and the whole jail would fall silent. Everybody was waiting to see who was being called to have a visitor. I spent days and weeks waiting for my name to be called and facing the disappointment of not being called. I remember the day when I was released from jail — not a single family member or friend was there to receive me outside.

A commentator writes:

Miss World was in Nov of 1996 … so that story is not true.

Indeed, as we can easily verify, the Miss World pageant was held in November of 1996.  The quote by her in the interview clearly states “1995”.  It is quite likely that she is lying.  She might have gone to jail for something else, we don’t know.

Most of the news items about her are circular in their references.  They refer to each other for citations.  And some get it flagrantly wrong:

Krishnan started protesting against the commercialisation of women from a very young age – when she was 16 she was arrested for protesting against the 1995 Miss World Contest being held in Bangalore and had to serve a two month sentence. After being released she moved out of Bangalore and settled in Hyderabad.

If she was born in 1972, she would have been 23 in 1995, not 16.

Her Wikipedia page states:

As she had a leadership role in organizing the protests, Krishnan was in judicial custody for two months.

In no news report about the protests is she listed as a leader or even a participant.

Also, what kind of protest it was that she was jailed for many months?  Usually peaceful protesters are detained till evening and then let go.  Was it a violent protest?


The leader of the State Farmers Association, M.D. Nanjundaswamy, says his group will set fire to the Chinnaswamy Stadium, where the pageant is being held, unless the beauty contest is called off.

Also, wasn’t she living in Hyderabad in 1996?

“Even as a young girl of 16, I wanted to work for the cause of children and women. I was arrested for protesting against the 1995 Miss World contest held in Bangalore, and had to serve a two-month sentence. After being released, I decided to move out of Bangalore and settle down in Hyderabad,” 35-year-old Sunitha, co-founder and chief functionary, Prajwala, says.

The above article was published in 2007.  She says she is 35.  In 1995 she would have been 35 – (2007-1995) = 23.  Either this is just bad paragraph editing or a callous disregard for journalistic truth and facts.

Another commentator writes:

Miss World was in the November of 1996. You say it was 1995. You also claim that you left home in 1995 to Hyderabad in 1995 after your two-month sentence. That sentence, if true would have been in 1997. 800 protesters were arrested, and other reports say 1600 were arrested. There is only a report of threats of suicide. There are not reports of brickbatting.

Either you are suffering from PTSD, or are prone to the Munchausen syndrome.

We call bullshit on this claim of her arrest over the Miss World protests.

Also, why did she move to Hyderabad?  No answers.

Next, let us come to her claim that she was raped as a teenager.

At the age of 15, while working on a neo-literacy campaign for the Dalit community, Krishnan was gang raped by eight men.

Where are the details?  What were the circumstances?  Now we come to the exquisite switcheroo:

Talking about her own incident that took place about 26 years ago, Krishnan once famously said “I do not remember the rape part of it as much as I remember the anger part of it…..I derive power from that anger.”


Krishnan says she does not remember much about the gang rape but the anger she felt about how she was treated after it and the way people looked at her gave her strength for her struggles since.

We claim that she was never raped, and made up this story to gain sympathy, attention and charity money for her organization.

Her father was a civil servant, working in the Survey of India.  Why did she or he not go to the police?

On the Founders page of her own organization, she is listed as from a “rare breed”:

Dr Sunitha Krishnan is a rare breed of individual who has committed her life as a fulltime volunteer in Prajwala.

The other founder has passed away, but he is still a full-time volunteer.  We wonder how.

From a commentator:

She describes herself as a movie maker and actress. Hmmm…

The long and short of it is, she had severe self-esteem problems, spun them into stories and is now making money of it.

Don’t know which is worse: Women being forced to sell their bodies and soul for a living, or someone selling their stories and pain to solicit funds.

Selling the stories of the prostitutes and their trauma is form of pimping or prostitution.

Sunitha Krishanan tweets her bitterness about NRI/PIOs being awared the Padma award. I guess she has set her sights on that next.

The women is a megalomaniacal FRAUD!

She is also a fascist who wants to ban pornography and ban debates and dissent:

She has many questions, “Why can we not ban pornography? It is merely for the sadist pleasure of a few men. The debate of legalising prostitution should not consume the time of a civilised society.”

Her hearing loss has multiple tales associated with it:

In late 1995, Krishnan was sent to jail for two months for leading protests against the Miss World event at Bangalore. Some years ago, she was attacked near Bangalore, leading to partial loss of hearing in her left ear.
While according to the TED talk, it was due to her (fictitious) gang-rape:
You see, Sunitha Krishnan at the age of 15 was gang raped by 8 men, beating her so badly that she is partially deaf in one ear.
NY Times says she has completely lost her ear drum, which contradicts the claim of being “partially deaf”:
She has lost an eardrum, and one of her arms is permanently damaged.
One of her other claims is that she has witnessed a murder of her colleague:
Krishnan has seen a colleague murdered before her eyes and faced at least 14 angry mobs.
It is again a fabrication invented to gain sympathy.  There is no news about any of her colleagues being murdered in any newspaper of India.

Her organization claims to runs schools for children of prostitutes.  But no, even that is false.

But the fact is that these transition centres, located in the old city area don’t have any prostitute’s children studying in it. In fact those Muslim parents sending their children to this transition centres are not at all aware of the “second generation prostitutes” slogan and theme upheld by the institution.

One parent Mohd Mozam a welder by profession, whose son studies in the Kalapather transition centre said that, at the time of admission parents were asked to sign on blank forms, and majority of them being illiterate weren’t aware of the admission procedures. According to some social workers of the area, the form states that the enrolled student’s mother is a prostitute by profession and as she has no economic means to send her child to good school, her kid is sent to this transition centre.

When the local Muslim youths inquired about that transition centre, they came across some shocking facts as well. They found that all the students in that transition centre were Muslims and none among their mothers were found to be prostitutes, in fact their parents were poor but they were hard working wage earners. Poor illiterate parents of that locality were sending their children for free education and this NGO were siphoning funds in the name of protecting them as children of prostitutes.

What’s the conclusion?

Sunitha Krishnan is an ugly, lying, fraudulent activist who has been lapped up by western, liberal, feminist media as their darling.  She is an attention-seeking control-freak who gets off on misandry and hatred of beauty.  She has milked the liberal charitable instinct to the fullest, to enrich herself and her husband.
We hope this investigation makes people skeptical of her antics and her organization’s aims and its reality.

5 thoughts on “Sunitha Krishnan (Prajwala) is a Fraud (part 2)

  1. U knw what.. there are many like you. But u’ll not succeed in what u want, u’ll not succeed in keeping us behind u. bcoz u do not have that much strength. bcoz u do nt want to accept that we r as human as u, that we r equal to u. but you, escaping from d truth will not change it..! 😀 Do what u can, we r unstoppable. yes we all are modern ‘spoilt’ indian women, bcoz d standerds of being spoilt are set by u. they’ll vanish soon nd we’ll be only modern indian women then.. nd u know what, u just cannot stop us.. 😀 pity no..!


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