Sunitha Krishnan (Prajwala) is a Fraud (part 1)

Sunitha Krishnan is an activist celebrity who needs to be unmasked.  Her kind are booming these days.

According to Wikipedia:

Dr. Krishnan works in the areas of anti-human trafficking, psychiatric rehabilitation and social policy. She has worked relentlessly to bring about a change in the attitude of India’s government for victim-friendly policies as well as awareness regarding sex trafficking, through political, legal and media advocacy. Her organization, Prajwala, has an international reputation and Dr. Krishnan is regularly consulted, in addition to the Indian authorities, by the United Nations and the US government. She is making it possible for India’s government and citizen’s organizations to manage jointly a range of protective and rehabilitative services for women and children who have been trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation.

20kibas01_incest_GN_731292eShe was recently in the news for two reasons, both of which seemed to us exceedingly suspicious and of an attention-seeking nature:

    1. She posted a video of an alleged rape on WhatsApp (the great tool used by Harvard PhDs and United Nations counselors) to “shame” the rapist(s), instead of sharing it with the police in order to prosecute them.  She was roundly shamed for this grossness.  Oh well, that didn’t go too well.  But she continued to defend her ludicrous act, without actually offering any rationale for further sharing the video with the public.


  1. She claims she was “attacked” by stone-throwing thugs enraged by her rape activism.  The video is here.  (Notice the size of her vehicle, the illegal “Parking only for Prajwala vehicles” on her building, and the blatant power display of “Member of xxx” displayed on the rear window.According to the police however, the attack was a non-event and a mischief by someone known to her.

Investigation so far indicates that no outsider hurled stones at Krishnan’s car and on the contrary, investigators believe that someone known to the activist has indluged in, what appears to be mischief.

‘’The incident where social activist Sunitha Krishnan’s car was hurled stones at might not involve any outsiders. As perceived earlier, the incident was in no ways related to the activist’s ‘ShameTheRapist campaign or her uploading two rape video clips on YouTube seeking to bring the culprits to book,’’ a police official associated with the probe told Express.

In both cases, she has been called out and proven to be a scheming attention-seeker.

In passing, we note that

The incident took place on Friday outside Sunitha Krishnan’s office-cum-residence, Prajwala Home, at Hussainalam in the Old City.

So she is using her organization’s office to actually live there, to drive a big SUV, and generally make merry.  Oh, but she is working for the downtrodden, don’t you know?

A commentator on this news item writes:

Filing a false case with the police is a criminal offence. I would not be surprised to Ms. Sunitha Krishnan in handcuffs after the investigation is over. She is a pathological liar and lies about anything and everything. She is a deeply twisted person who hates the world because of her physical deformity. She is a vengeful person and will attack even perceived insult or rejection. What you see is a front. She loves to talk dirty and vulgar as she herself is a sex-maniac. She paints herself a victim. She is a megalomaniac and self-obsessed. Only such person will pose in front of giant pictures of themselves. Because of that combination she is now raising funds from all over the world. Once they find out her true character that will stop.

For instance: She lies about the Miss World protest. She lies about her education: She DOES NOT have a PhD. She is NOT dr. Sunitha krishnan. She lies about her husband supporting her, when in reality, they use Prajwaala funds to produce their movies. She lies about not accepting a salary.

One of these days her employees and trustees will start talking. It will trigger a govt investigation. Then she will find out.

Did we mention that she is exceedingly ugly?


The modus operandi of such bleeding heart “activists” is:

  1. Latch on to a third-world cause (sex-trafficking, child labor, women’s safety) which is easy to talk about and which doesn’t antagonize the politicians and the big business.
  2. Float an NGO which gets funded by international organizations.
  3. Portray yourself as a do-gooder who has suffered personally.
  4. Profit!

She has profited by becoming a jet-setting celebrity (despite claiming to work for the most suppressed) and appearing on TED talks and suchlike.  We notice that she, and news articles referring to her, never fail to mention that she herself was “gang raped”.

Krishnan was a precocious child. Her passion for social work became manifested when, at the age of 8 years, she started teaching dance to mentally challenged children. By the age of 12, she was running schools in slums for underprivileged children. At the age of 15, while working on a neo-literacy campaign for the Dalit community, Krishnan was gang raped by eight men. This incident served as the impetus for what she does today.

Before evaluating her work, let’s do some preliminary investigation and ask: What is the history of this lady?  What is the truth behind her qualifications and her allegations?

Her “Doctorate” is reportedly from Harvard.

Krishnan did her a PhD from Harvard in social work

There is no mention ANYWHERE (and we have looked, believe us) of her thesis, or of her adviser/guide, or when she was awarded the degree, or how long she lived in the US, or anything about that degree whatsoever.

We are going to call/email Harvard university soon.

Given her family’s Catholic background (and we have no qualms about her background, as such), we find it plausible that, as claimed by her, she might have attained a worthless MSW degree at a third-rate Catholic-funded cheap autonomous institution.  The college’s admission notification speaks volumes about its quality of education.  “HURRY UP!!!”

From an anonymous poster:

She says she is a Harvard Phd. That is not true. First, Harvard does not have a school of social work. Even if it were an interdisciplinary phd, there would be some trace of it. There is no dissertation in her name anywhere. In 2009 Harvard’s Montage did a story by Rohini Pande. Typically all stories that reference or are authored by Harvard Alumna are reported by their year and diploma in the story. There is no such reference to her. Harvard Alums are allowed to retain their email address, we see none for her. Given her penchant for publicity, every time she received a major award–which has, (sic) Harvard would report it. There are no such reports.

Given her excellent command (not!) of the English language and punctuation, we have every doubt about her Harvard credentials.


(to be continued in Part 2)


7 thoughts on “Sunitha Krishnan (Prajwala) is a Fraud (part 1)

  1. If you feel it so and are confident, it is high time to change the details mentioned in the Wikipedia and why you are not doing it ? BE THE CHANGE AND BE THE ROLE MODEL !


  2. If you feel it so and are confident, it is high time to change the details mentioned in the Wikipedia and why you are not doing it ? BE THE CHANGE AND BE THE ROLE MODEL !
    Also I feel some problem with your comment software


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