Interracial Hypergamy

In terms of interracial dating, what do we observe about race preferences?

The answer is not hard to find.  OKCupid published their findings in 2009 and then again in 2014.

In 2009, the study showed the following startling results:

  1. If we go by reply rate (from females to males), Indian men score the lowest.  Black men and Asian (non-Indian) men score slightly higher.  White men score the highest.
  2. If we go by reply rate (from males to females), Black women score the lowest.  Indian women actually score close to the median.  Middle-eastern women score the highest.
  3. White people are the least interested (but it is still significant interest) in getting into a relationship with a person of another race.  Almost all other racial groups (with the exception of native-Americans) are extremely open to relating to other races.

What’s the take-away for you?

Two things:

  1. Your sexual market value, as an Indian man, is low in the eyes of women of other races.  And if you are trying to attract an Indian woman who has a choice of men from other races, you stand almost no chance.  You will have to work much harder (even more than a black man) to get a woman to be attracted to you.  There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and we will cover them in subsequent posts.  But in short, most Indian men (in foreign lands) lack all of the following: style, muscularity, affluence, confidence, aggression, expressiveness.
  2. Online dating will yield far less returns to you than day game or night game.  Online dating is going to be too much of a time sink to be fun for you.  You will have to slog at writing hundreds of messages only a few of which will ever be read.  If you instead engage in day-game or night-game, you will gain valuable feedback and experience, and your chances of success are much higher.

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