Indian Media is a Bottom-Feeding White Knight

Bottom-Feeder (n): a loser who profits from the fortunes, or misfortunes, of others. A low or despicable person.

So, one of the lowest of the low types of internet media outlets is what is called a “viral media outlet”.  And almost all Indian media outlets, be it Times of India, Indian Express or the stink that is Storypick, are highlighting a major issue of national importance.

One should remember that their business is to pick some news item or random video, and then create a click-baiting headline around it and bask in the ad revenue.

See this “news” item titled An Asshole Was Harassing A Girl On Facebook. Her Reply Is Worth An Applause.  It details what is all too common: a male making a pass, in this case a horrible one, at a woman on social media.

Happens all the time.  Men get spam from all kinds of dubious vendors, fake dates and telemarketers.  Women get similar kind of spam and nonsense too.  Facebook has an explicit feature, enabled by default, which puts messages sent to you by strangers in a special folder called “Other messages” which doesn’t even create a notification for you.

In this case, this “strong, independent woman” decided to respond to this man, create a virtual scene, file a police complaint (“yes she can”), appear on TV, and otherwise act as a prim goddess.  It is like a man responding to a Viagra ad or a Nigerian lottery scam mail, and then feeling all self-righteous about it.  You can do it, but it only shows your priorities and your narcissism.

So in this case, the man was obviously clueless, and given his lower-middle-class origins (ref his name), his C-city background (Alwar, Rajasthan), his SMV was way below this Delhi University alumnus with international leanings, belonging to a high caste, the illustrious Her Highness Prerna Pratham Singh.

Obviously he had no chance in hell.  And being a fool, he sent a nasty message.  Easy to ignore.  But no, one has to make an “example” of such men.  And become a mini celebrity in the process.

“How dare he! I will teach him a lesson.”

So the esteemed lady made the “bold” response that she would tell his wife and file an FIR against him.  Such boldness!  From her keyboard, no less!  We are so impressed.  An FIR for what?  For sending her a lewd message?  Even in a banana-republic like India, such behavior is criminal only if persisted in despite the protests of the recipient.  But no, the police and all the major news outlets are offering her all the help that she wants.

So, as per her status update:

For the record, an F.I.R. regarding the online harassment has been filed at Economic Offences Wing of Delhi Police, Mandir Marg complex. Authorities have taken cognizance of the matter and it would soon result into action outside the virtual world.

“Economic Offences Wing”.  The mind boggles.  Mr Roshan, now you better get a lawyer.

You did something silly and stupid.  But only in India can a woman convert that into a criminal complaint and have you hounded by the white-knight Indian police.

I also want to file a complaint against a spam sender, whose message automatically went to my Spam folder but which I checked and which was offensive!!  I feel violated!!! Why does nobody help me!!!!

She’s a real feminine catch, as her other status updates show:

Le me on a Date (set up by my ‘caring’ friend): I can cook like my father and drink like my mother.
Le Irritating Guy: Well! I don’t think I would want to go ahead with this. I’m more conventional. Hope you don’t mind. I want to settle down and marry. (To be noted:at the age of 23. Fool someone else,would you?)
Le me: Yeah. Well what are you gonna do. It’s fine.
(In my head: well yeah asshole! My father is an executive chef and my Mom doesn’t drink).

Say something sarcastic and trollish to a man sincerely telling you about his preference, and HE is the “asshole”!  Wonderful.

May this wonderful woman meet the beta white knight of her dreams who will lap up her spittle while she enjoys her champagne.  She deserves him.

If Mr Roshan is a clueless beta male who should have known better, such women are the dregs of society who entertain themselves by humiliating and eating the entrails of innocent men.

And the media sites are no better.  They are encouraging online lynch mobs which are doing exactly the same thing as they criticize the man for.  Storypick is “brave” enough to publish this outstanding message sent to him by a vigilante:

Hi Chutiye

Lund nahi hai kya?

As a redditor says:

Indecent messages sent to the guy: perfectly okay. Not harassment.

Of course not.  He is a man, remember?


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