Indian Judiciary vs Unscrupulous Women

Purushatma’s investigation into the misuse of the judicial process by Indian women continues.

So it has come to our notice that an otherwise human-born female with the name of Harvinder Kaur had gone all the way to the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, and that too multiple times.

From the record, it transpires that even earlier application for transfer of the petition was moved by the wife which was dismissed on 30.11.2012. Even review petition filed against the said order of dismissal, had also met the same fate on 19.2.2013.

And what’s the worthy goal of this illustrious shrew, whose only distinction from a cow or a bitch seems to be that she has a passport?

The lofty intent is: to transfer a pending matrimonial case involving her husband closer to her home, and away from her husband’s hometown.

… on the ground that she is residing at Rampura Phul (District Bathinda) and distance of Pathankot is more than 300 Kms. whereas Bathinda is only at a distance of around 30 Kms. from Rampura Phul. It is mentioned that pendency of petition at Pathankot causes her embarrassment and harassment at the hands of the husband.

The twist is that she actually lives and works in USA, and obviously wanted to get the case transferred not to avoid embarrassment and harassment to herself, but to cause embarrassment and harassment to her husband.

What balls on this unscrupulous woman!  But these kind of women get their courage knowing that they will not be punished for their lies, even though they lie again, and again, and again.

The full judgment, downloaded from the court’s website, is available here: TA_133_2013_04_05_2015_FINAL_ORDER.

The poor husband is paying this harridan a monthly maintenance of Rs 7500, despite the fact that he is living and working in India, a third world country, while she is living and working in the neighborhood of Washington DC.

Not only that, the bitch has since remarried, and still continues to harass her husband.

The petitioner-wife is shown to be wife of some other than the respondent herein;

Unfortunately, despite the court noting that

The petition is clearly a grave misuse of the process of the court.

… The court still does not penalize or punish her.  Merely dismissing her application again is not justice.  Justice in this case required that the virago, and her lawyer, be heavily fined for wasting the husband’s and the court’s time, money and energy.  In a poor country like India, where millions of cases are pending, such unscrupulous litigants are nothing but vampires and leeches: sucking the blood out of the veins of a sick man.

Shame on you, Harvinder Kaur.  And the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, prove that you are indeed hard to abuse, not by writing flowery paragraphs in the judgment, but by punishing the liars and the abusers of the law.


One thought on “Indian Judiciary vs Unscrupulous Women

  1. There should be a law against such women and they should be held responsible and given the punishment for misusing the law and its process. And this should be inbuit in the law which the woman is misusing and there should be no need to file a separate case.


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