The Four Safeguards for Indian Men

Masculinity is under attack, while feminism is the fashion of the day.  A man being his natural self is seen as a criminal, while a woman is encouraged to express herself to the fullest extent possible.

In this climate, it is your responsibility and duty to preserve and protect your manly attributes, your health and your honor.

Roosh recently wrote his descriptive essay titled What is Neo-Masculinity.  In that essay, he outlined the following principle doctrines of what it means to be a man in the modern world:

In our view, for men of India, all of the above are valid and need careful attention.  Given that India is a third-world country with abysmal law enforcement and dysfunctional public institutions, we believe that Indian men also need four safeguards to flourish and grow.  In our considered opinion, an Indian man must pay attention to the following four foundations of his life:

  1. Health and Fitness: Eat well.  Avoid consuming sugar and simple carbohydrates.  Get plenty of protein.  Exercise.  Lift weights.  Get plenty of rest.  Your body is your temple.  As far as possible, protect yourself from pollution, adulterated food, fake medicines and addictions.  Reject fast food and roadside food.  Spend instead on nuts, fruit, milk and yogurt, and high-quality foods.  Eat the best food you can afford.
  2. Financial Prudence:  Plan your finances well.  Understand how banks, prices, inflation, interest rates work.  Acquire useful skills and knowledge.  Work hard and save money during your twenties, while continuing to build your personality, to create a nest egg.  This will lead to a financial comfort which will enable you to be the master of your fate.
  3. Legal Awareness:  Understand how laws and regulations work.  India is a notoriously lawless country, but knowledge is power.  Know how the civil and criminal courts work.  Expand your social network to include a few lawyers.  Since the police and judiciary are not accessible to the common man, avoid needless conflicts and arguments.  Since your free speech can get you in trouble, know when to be candid and when to keep quiet.  Involve other people, especially reputable people in your community, in major decisions.  In school and college, don’t be a sycophant but do get to know the influential people who are from well-connected or political families.  You will need help from others when things go wrong.
  4. Intellectual Growth: Do not patronize the trash that is mainstream Bollywood and satellite television and TV news channels.  Read books and good quality magazines, e.g. Reader’s Digest, The Caravan, Frontline (though it is quite left-leaning).   Get coverage of Indian news through foreign newspapers on the internet – they are much more precise, balanced and professional.  Just ten high-quality, lengthy articles read during a month are worth more than a year’s worth of trash that is Times of India.  Write down your thoughts.  Study the great economists, philosophers and fiction writers of the day, or of the past.  Expose yourself to cultures and social systems outside India (If you can afford it, travel to a foreign country.  If you can’t, read travelogues and stories based in foreign lands)  Even if you read one book a month, you are going to be an intellectual giant compared to your peers anywhere in the world.

If these four safeguards, good health, financial prudence, legal awareness, and a developed intellect, are in place, then you can preserve your energies for the very best in you.  Then you are poised to reach higher and higher,  and realize your full potential as a man.


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