Deepika Padukone: Stupid When Silent, Stupider Otherwise

Deepika Padukone has finally broken her silence over the controversy that My Choice, her short film about “women empowerment”, provoked upon its release a little over a month ago. What took her so long? Well, if she had the brains of her own to think, she probably wouldn’t have remained silent for such a long time. This is apparent in what she says by breaking the silence.

The Hindu reports she says –

Mixed reactions did not bother me. It was a bit disappointing to know that certain lines were pulled out of context and blown completely out of proportion and we missed the larger point that the film was trying to make… And then in the process accusing me endorsing infidelity, I found that a bit silly, honestly.

Really? Here’s what she says in the film –

My choice. To marry or not to marry. To have sex before marriage, to have sex outside of marriage, to not have sex. My choice.

We fail to understand how that does not promote infidelity. Pulled out of context? Care to explain the context then?

Let’s examine her full statement per The Hindu report. She further says –

I never have endorsed infidelity. I know what the institution of marriage means to me. It is extremely holy and sacred. I am someone, who completely believes in being faithful and honest and in trust. It is an institution I truly believe in. I am not defending anything, people are right in their place if they have an issue with it. I just felt disappointed that they felt I am endorsing certain things that I do not. I can clarify now and say no I do not endorse infidelity. I never have, never will. It is something I have not put up in the past in my life as well.

When the script was shared with me, there was not one but a couple of lines that even I didn’t agree with at a personal level but I realised they needed me more for the larger message the film was trying to make. I went ahead and was more than happy to be a part of it because I realised myself that there was a larger issue that we were dealing with and that we are dealing with. Just like the other 98 women who were the part of the video, I agreed to be a part of it.

Note that she never explains the right context of her controversial statements in the film but conveniently tries to escape by saying it was pulled out of context. When you say that something you said has been pulled out of context you owe more clarification about the right context if you want it to mean anything. Obviously, there is no right context. It is plain and clear, it means just what it says. She further tries to portray herself as a righteous being by saying that she herself did not agree with a couple of lines in the video because it served to the “larger issue”.

One might think the larger issue may be oppression of women in rural areas, rape, women’s education, employment, or some such politically correct jazz. No. All that the video talks about is how it is the woman’s choice what kind of clothes she wants to wear; if she wants to be fat or slim; if she wants to marry or not; if she wants to have sex before marriage, outside of marriage, or not have sex at all; if she wants to love temporarily or to lust forever; if she wants to love a man, or a woman, or both; if she wants to come home at 4am or 6am; if she wants to have her man’s baby or not;..

Some issues they are! These “issues” have nothing to do with women who may really need empowerment. It is glaringly apparent that there is no broader context here, and no larger issue.

As she herself admitted now, Deepika did the film despite not agreeing with some of the things said in it, believing it was serving to the larger issue. This proves how naive and stupid she is. Or she just did it for commercial purposes and is thus pretentious. Either ways, we think she just did further harm to her already low public opinion by opening her mouth.

Bimbos will be bimbos!

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