Salman Khan: Douchebag or Alpha?

So law has finally caught up with the muscular he-man of the Hindi film industry of the last two decades.

As is usual in Bollywood, he used his connections to get an entry into cinema.  His father is the famous screenwriter Salim Khan, and Helen Richardson (the item girl of early Indian cinema) is his stepmother.  He was “recommended” to Sooraj Barjatya for the role in Maine Pyar Kiya by one Shabina Dutt/Khan whose brother is Afzal Khan.  Family connections?  Quite likely.

Despite being 49 years old, he has remained single so far.  Known to take steroids and drugs, he has dated some of the most well-known actresses, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif being the most prominent of them.

He is also notorious for being involved in various brawls and criminal incidents, including:

  1. The 2002 hit-and-run case for which he has recently been convicted and sentenced to five years in jail.
  2. Threatening and harassing his ex-girlfriend Rai.
  3. Illegal hunting of black bucks, an endangered species.  For this also he was convicted and sentenced to five years in jail, but he has so far been able to avoid the sentencing through pending appeals and other tactics.

Is Bhai, as he is better known to his fans, a douchebag or a genuine alpha male?


Purushatma defines an alpha male as a natural leader of men.  He has the traits and personality of a strong, dominant man, and excels in one or more fields.  Due to an alpha’s qualities and persona, he is usually very attractive to females, and other males look up to him as a role model and a leader.

However, in Salman Khan’s case, his fame as a (mediocre) brawny actor is responsible for his public adulation.  There are no qualities in him which are worth emulating.  He takes drugs for body-building, is a bad actor who in recent films tries to cover his puffed, drug-addled red eyes with sunglasses, and his baldness with fake hair, and despite being single and famous, suffered from oneitis for his girlfriend who later left him to date and marry other men.

Not every rich, famous cad is an alpha.  These days, celebrities are worshiped by blind sheeple.  But that does not make them admirable.  They have branding teams and PR professionals working for them, and they are famous because they are famous.

Not only is Salman Khan not a role model, he is spoilt, entitled, dumb and nothing more than a parasite on society who makes money from people dumb enough to watch his stupid movies.

None of his roles or films have won any kind of nomination, what to talk of an award, in a film festival.  All his awards have been either by film magazines or by dubious industry associations.  Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has inspired generations of young men to go to the gym and lift, and who his sheer grit and hard work became one of the most famous men alive, Salman Khan has inspired nobody to become a better man.

Manu Joseph, an erudite Indian journalist, reminiscences thus about his interactions with this spoilt brat:

I have met Salman Khan for a formal interview only once — twelve years ago. Before that, once I spoke to him on the phone for a story. I got his mobile number somehow, and kept calling — he won’t pick up or he would just hang up when I tried to introduce myself. But I think I called him more times than he had called Vivek Oberoi on the night of March 29, 2003, {Oberoi told me that Khan called him 41 times that night to “abuse in the worst language possible and vividly describe how he had sex with his ex-girlfriends (one of whom was Aishwarya Rai).” And Rai was now the girlfriend of Oberoi, the reason Khan was disturbed — just a bit of Indian history for the young}

People wondered why Oberoi kept taking Khan’s calls. The reason was, according to a viral SMS, “His incoming was free.”

I have wondered why Khan kept taking my calls (I would call from various landlines), and my theory is that he was waiting for a call from Ms Rai and it was instead just me. Finally, he answered his phone and said, “What do you want brother?” I told him I am a reporter and that I was working on a story about his desire to kill Oberoi.

Khan sounded surprised that for the purpose of getting his quotes I actually wished to speak to him. He said, “Write whatever you want.” That’s the industry practice he implied. I insisted. And he said, “I am not the best person to talk about myself. You are never the best person to talk about yourself. We all cannot talk about ourselves. One day I will ask you questions about yourself, let me see how many you will answer.”

A few months later I met him for a short profile. The only research I did was calling up a director friend and asking, “Does he really hit people?” I met Khan in a farm house on the outskirts of Bombay. He was bare-chested and cutting his nails with a big knife. He looked at me, and at his nails, and at me and tried to look very menacing. I asked why he didn’t use a nail-cutter like other people. He began to giggle. “It doesn’t work for me,” he said.

I was meeting him to talk about his latest film, which was called, ‘Tere Naam—Unfortunately A True Love Story’. Khan told me, “Unfortunate means ‘sad’. True means ‘pure’.”
He told me that the film was loved by his “classy and massi fans”, which was true.
In the film, he said, and in all his films, “A lot of the hair is mine.”

I told him that according to people, with his performance in ‘Tere Naam – Unfortunately A True Love Story’, “You have crossed a line as an actor.”


“You have crossed a line as an actor.”

“Who said that?”



Satish Kaushik, too, said that.

“He would say that. He made the film. He is the director. He’d say it was the best f****** performance I have ever given.”

Khan, like Sanjay Dutt, often turns philosophical. He told me, “After light comes darkness, and…” He lost the thread of the thought somehow, but he eventually found it. “After darkness comes light.”

I found him totally endearing.

Purushatma’s verdict: Salman Khan is a celebrity douchebag, and not an alpha.


One thought on “Salman Khan: Douchebag or Alpha?

  1. You are showing only negative side of him.
    1.There is no bad thing to use connections for career.if he has a father who is well-known writer why should not use his contacts.Any fool man will not use connections like this.
    2.He does not need any fucking fake awards.He is most famous actor in Indian history.Thats his award.
    3.Come to relationship part.He is single because he wants to be.He can merry any beautiful and hot girl in world.
    4.He has inspired many lives.
    So he is a true Alpha of Bollywood.Reply me if u want..


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