Update on the Ahmedabad False Rape Accuser

We recently covered the case of a woman and her family in Gujarat subjecting two men to an accusation of false rape.

We are happy to report that the full judgment has been procured and it shows the ugly tactics and false statements made by the so-called “victim” and her family.

The judgment can be downloaded in its entirety here. The details of the duplicity of the false accusers makes one’s blood boil.

But kudos to the judge, Hon. Utkarsh K Desai, for seeing through their bullshit and acquitting the two men.

But unfortunately, and very importantly, the judge let off the false accusers without any penalty.

We strongly believe that false accusers should face as much punishment as is usual for the crime they are alleging.  Only then we will see people thinking a hundred times before falsely accusing someone, and wasting the time and money of the already over-burdened Indian courts.

Unfortunately, despite procuring the judgment, we are unable to find out the name of the false accuser woman, though the names of her illustrious parents who connived with her are included in the judgment, and are:

  • Mother: Lataben Jivatram Natani
  • Father: Jivatram Lakhimal Natani

May they receive the consequences of their evil acts.


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