Hyderabad Police Arresting Innocent Men

News from TheNewsMinute:

When two men on a bike allegedly tried to harass Ashmita Karnani, a Telugu film actress, when she was driving in Hyderabad, little did they know what the consequences would be.

The 29-year-old actress who was driving near the Panjagutta area in the city, whipped put her phone and clicked pictures of the duo as they tried to block her path and made obscene gestures.

She then posted the photos on her Facebook page detailing the incident and tagged the Hyderabad Traffic Police in all the pictures.

“Show them some love guys! SHARE SHARE SHARE,” she wrote, and people did. The post got more than 11,000 shares and the duo has now been arrested by the Hyderabad police who managed to track them down with their license plate number.

On one hand is the reality of Indian police for a common man: that they refuse to register complaints even when you beg and bribe them.

On the other hand is this: police arrests two men based on just a facebook post by a strong independent woman.  Ms Karnani seems to be driving the car while clicking photos of two men who are pointing at her and staring at her.  That is enough to get them arrested.

Is pointing fingers at a woman a crime?  Is staring a crime?  You bet Hyderabad Police thinks it is.

But these guys must also go through a red pill awakening that just “teasing” a woman is not the way to seduce her.  Indian women are remarkably hypergamous and uber-practical when it comes to relationships.  If your SMV is much below your target, you only annoy her by showing your interest.

These men saw an attractive woman, there was no chance in hell that they could attract her, so to assuage their inferior stature, they resorted to teasing and annoying the woman.  Big mistake!

In India, if you annoy someone well-known, you could go to jail.  Take heed, guys!  The woman’s word will be taken as the gospel truth.


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