Bhaiya, kitne ka diya?

Hypergamy (n): the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.

Women of India are as hypergamous as their western counterparts.  Any man below their social standing is seen as an asexual being.  The Rational Male is the manosphere’s foremost collection of essays about this natural female trait.

Auto-rickshaw drivers, roadside vendors, bus conductors are from the poorer sections of society.  They are also somewhat dirty and unkempt.  By all measures, their sexual market value is much lower than that of their customers.  The customers know this too.

In North India, urbane women wearing their Fabindia kurtas and otherwise well-brought-up young women of the middle classes preclude any notion of sexual attraction by calling such men bhaiya (or brother).  Don’t for a moment think that by calling the man “brother” they are equating him with themselves.  No, bhaiya is a polite way of saying, “I don’t see you as a sexual equal.”

If you think that is just a polite thing to do, notice how many men call women of lower classes behenji (sister).  And how many women call women of lower classes behenji.  It almost never happens.

To call someone Bhaiya is to put him in his place.

No wonder that thus castrated by all the attractive women that they meet during their day-to-day life, a lower-class man might just hit back with rape.  You won’t see a class analysis of rapes in urban India.  At least not in any mainstream publication.

You will only see the left-liberals crying their hearts out at “Patriarchy!”.


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