The Manosphere Spectrum

The Manosphere is a collective of loosely-knit groups focused on men navigating the current social, legal and family landscape.

There are important groups in the manosphere (though many people subscribe to the tenets of more than one of these groups).  The stands of these groups aren’t in conflict with each other.  They just follow different ways of dealing with the world after a red-pill awakening.

  • TRP: Swallowing the Red Pill is essential to espousing the opinions and attitudes of all the groups mentioned below.  /r/TheRedPill summarizes the Red Pill thus:

The recognition and awareness of the way that feminism, feminists and their white-knight enablers affect society. Seeing the world for what it is, seeking truth no matter how painful or inconvenient the truth may be.

  • MRA: A Men’s Rights Activist.  Such activists comprise the MRM (the Men’s Rights Movement).  This group of people are for equality between the genders and are against special concessions to women (legally and otherwise) at the cost of men.  One of the major issues this group deals with is ensuring justice and fairness in Family and Marriage Law and in safeguarding Fathers’ Rights.
  • PUA: A Pick-Up-Artist.  PUAs adjust to the post-feminist landscape and their goal is to get high-SMV women to have sex with them, without providing any financial or contractual commitment and while escaping false rape accusations and suchlike.
  • MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way.  Men who are not interested in being either an MRA or a PUA.  They would rather sidestep the complications of inter-gender relationships and not pursue women at all.  They might be open to sex if it comes their way, but they will not make efforts in that direction.  If that results in celibacy, MGTOWs are entirely comfortable with it.

To educate yourself about more terms used in the manosphere, visit the TheRedPill Glossary.


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