Another False Rape Accuser Goes Unpunished

From the 29-Apr-2015 edition of The Times of India:

An insurance agent studied law to fight rape charges leveled by his wife. Acquitted by courts, practicing advocate Pankaj Chavda, 37, has now slapped a Rs 50 lakh defamation suit against his wife for implicating him and a friend in a false rape case.

And as is to be expected, the liberal media names the men falsely accused, but keeps the identity of the unscrupulous woman hidden.

Through our investigations, however, we hope to identify her.  The case in question (as per this document) is Sessions Case No. 221 of 2008 in Ahmadabad Sessions Court.  Any help in identifying her is much appreciated!

It is important to name and shame such an unethical, criminally-minded, greedy woman guilty of falsely accusing two innocent men of rape.

Needless to say, given the state of Indian criminal justice system, no penalty was imposed on the criminal wife.  In fact, after being charged with defamation, the great lady has now asked for maintenance.

Following the defamation notice, Chavda’s wife has moved the family court seeking maintenance .

We can imagine her saying in court: “OK, he didn’t rape me.  Fine, he can be considered my husband.  Now give me maintenance.”

It is time these criminally-minded women are severely punished, not just for the false accusations, but also for wasting the time of already-overburdened Indian courts.

The interesting thing is, Indian Police seems to jump on cases of rape or of “marital cruelty”.  The reason is not hard to guess.  These cases are usually between urban, educated folks and the corrupt Indian police stands to make a quick buck from both the parties.  They are bribed to proceed further in the case, and they are bribed to not proceed further in the case.  The “investigation” in such cases is not worth the effort spent to spell the word “investigation”.

In this particular case, we surmise that the impressionable girl fell in love, got married in a hurry, went on the honeymoon and when she returned and started regretting her impulsiveness, to socially absolve herself of any guilt or shame of leaving her man, filed a case of rape (egged on by her family and relatives, no doubt) not just against her husband but also against her friend who probably helped arrange the wedding.

Now the stupid bitch will remain a woeful burden on her vile family.  No man will want to marry such a “victim”.  That’s some justice.


2 thoughts on “Another False Rape Accuser Goes Unpunished

  1. Hi I am very much interested about the case and want to study it in detail.. so it is possible to obtain any information about the Person or other judgements from indiankanoon through your site?


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