Liberal and Conservative Feminism

A commentator on Alpha Game Plan writes:

The liberal feminist fallacy is to claim that women deserve more rights than men because men are oppressive.  The conservative feminist fallacy is to claim that women deserve more rights than men because women are purer of spirit and it is a man’s noble right and duty to preemptively sacrifice himself for the pure sex.

Indeed. This really accords with what I was taught, and what I observed, as a little kid. It’s all bullsh*t. Christians–including Roman Catholics–are especially guilty of this. “Purer of spirit”–hell no! They’re just better at hiding their impurities.

The belief that women are the “pure” sex, I think, has the potential to screw up many boys and retard their full development as men. On the flipside, the discovery in, say, your teens that girls are just as horny and enjoy sex just as much as men can offer a lifetime of sexual pleasure. And attaining a clear-eyed understanding of women’s true nature can offer a lifetime of romantic satisfaction and love.

There are few things more frustrating on the cultural battlefields than to encounter puffed-up conservakins and gun-toting patriotards white-knighting for the benefit of teh wimmenz. These guys have no idea the damage they’re doing. A lot of them, I would wager, have daughters–princesses and special snowflakes–on whom they dote unceasingly. These females more often than not grow up to become monsters.

Behind every feminist bitch is a doting Beta dad.

India has a heady mix of both conservative and liberal feminism.  Indian women are, supposedly, both purer and more oppressed than the menfolk.  We are, if feminists are to be believed, basically a country of Goddesses like Kali (the perennial favorite of Indian feminists who love to wear a large bindi to show they are its avatar) and Durga, under attack by creeps or rapists.  Kali and Durga will slay all these monsters, as the myth goes, aided perhaps by androgynous helpers.

We’ll see.


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