The Pea-Brained Feminism of Deepika Padukone

As even feminists realize, women’s magazines pay only lip service to “smart women” and “you go grrl” while continuing to brainwash them and push them to buy useless junkets, expensive cosmetics and clothing.  And of course, they try (successfully, we think) to convince the women that they should look good “not for men’s sake” but for “themselves”.  The level of dumb shit peddled by these magazines boggles the mind.  But then, they do sell, so one is soberly reminded of what every woman wants: to look good, to stay young, and to hook a good provider.  Ahem.

Vogue, a paragon of this species of pulp, recently produced a “message video” with the bimbo Deepika Padukone, known more for her outfits and song-and-dance routines than for wisdom-a-la-Marcus-Aurelius.  The intent was, presumably, to produce a video to …, sorry, Purushatma cannot even begin to fathom what the intent was.  Was it to express how “free” women should act?  Was it to convince other women to want to be “free”?  Was it to coddle some fatties and other feminist malcontents who wanted to feel better about themselves and who blame the world for all their peach fuzz, saggy boobs and hairy armpits?  We wonder.  Our guess is that the intent was to show that Vogue is for that special woman who wants to live as she pleases, which is, we surmise, every urban woman these days.

The phrase Vogue Empower probably means to be able to live the Eat-Pray-Love lifestyle and buy all the consumerist trash being peddled by, who else, the Vogue magazine.

Here’s the great video in question, directed by the world-famous (not!) director, Homi Adjania.

Mr Adjania is usually seen at self-congratulatory gatherings like “India’s 50 Best Dressed Men” looking like a deer caught in the headlights with his fatty wife.


But we digress.

The absolutely infantile message being voiced by Ms Padukone won’t win any literary or cinematic awards, and has already been pooh-poohed by everybody from fatty feminists (they are a-priori angry at every beautiful lady…. it aids the patriarchy, see!), to sensible commentators.  /r/india, otherwise full of bleeding liberals, tore into her foolishness here.

The main thrust of the message seems to be:”Don’t tell me what to do, I will do as I please”.  If that seems like the childish tantrum that an entitled twelve-year-old adolescent would scream at his yuppie parents, you would be exactly right.  After all, if a woman is an adult, she is free to ignore the pressure of social approval and do as she likes.  Of course the woman is free to exercise her choices, unless forbidden by law.  The only caveat being, some choices will be judged by others.  And that’s what’s unacceptable to the bimbos.  They want to act slutty, dress slutty, get drunk, do drugs, live their dream, have bastard children, but no, nobody should have the “choice” to judge them harshly for their foolishness.

One of the more logical responses to this churlish-feigning-to-be-insightful video has been penned by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, one of the more sensible female voices on the internet.  The money-sentence in that entire article is this:

You cannot preach choice without taking responsibility of those choices.

Indeed!  As men know only too well, each choice carries with it a consequence.  You take one road, and you necessarily reject the good and bad things that the other road offers.   You become an entrepreneur, you suffer the anxiety and the work-load.  You become a salaried corporate IT cog, you suffer the soul-numbing boredom and the HR concentration camps.  You want to become a monk, you live with the vow of celibacy.  Choices inexorably restrict one’s future choices.  You can revisit your earlier choice, but that revisiting has consequences too.

Moreover, judgment and choice are deeply intertwined.  We judge and thereby we choose.  What Deepika Padukone and her pimp-staff is saying is: “I can judge and choose.  But you shouldn’t judge me or choose to castigate me.”  Whatever you do in life affects your reputation and how others view you.  If you want others to not know about you, retreat to an island and live there.  But as long as you live in a society, people will view and judge your behavior as socially beneficial or anti-social.  And they should!

Even more so for a celebrity, who makes her money by working in show business.  If a celebrity makes her moolah by capitalizing on her famous face or botoxed body or notorious-party-persona, and talk about what she eats and shits and vacations, then the side effect is that her life is gonna be talked about and opined about.  If celebrities dress well, the whole world applauds.  But if they dress atrociously, the whole world jeers too.

There isn’t any getting around that consequence.  It comes with the terrain.

One of the more provocative messages in the video is about sexual freedom:  A woman should have the choice to have sex outside her marriage.

We wholeheartedly agree.  Please go open your legs whenever you get wet.  But then be known as an unfaithful slut, and enjoy the subsequent adulation from your children and grandchildren.  As everybody knows, it is precisely these so-called sexually free urban women who file those frivolous police complaints whining like a baby: “We had sex, but he won’t marry me,” “He won’t love me anymore”, “He had an affair, how cruel!”, “He showed me porn!”, “I was drunk.  I was in his bed naked.  I regretted it in the morning.  Hence he RAPED me.”  Needless to say, these complaints are just pretexts to get some settlement money so that the whiny baby can continue to whore her way up the mall.

Purushatma’s response to these women is: It’s your choice, sure!  But then, don’t go running to the court to grab some money from your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend that you cuckolded.  Don’t resist the divorce then.  You can either be a wife or a greedy whore.  Be upfront about your intentions and your character.  And when you change for the worse, sing the glory of authenticity when you are known as what you truly are: a slut and a parasite on society.


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