Purushatma, a combination of the Hindi words Purush and Atma, stands for “The Soul of Man”.

The Red Pill is a phrase from the film “Matrix” and it stands for awakening to truth and reality.  The mass media, the vested interests and the politically correct brigades do not want an average person to understand what is really going on in the world.  The Red Pill in the manosphere specifically refers to realizing the truths about inter-gender relations, about human nature, about what men and women want, about the legal landscape which is highly prejudiced against men, and about what one can do as a man to live in this era of widespread feminism and post-feminist institutions.

To know more about the Red Pill, read this reddit post in its entirety.  It is a good start.

This blog will touch upon many universal red-pill themes, but will also focus on issues peculiar to men in India.  Men in India are usually vilified (“Rapists!”, “Mommy’s boys”, “MCPs”) by the media and the feminazis, and increasingly draconian laws are being hastily pushed through to counter “patriarchy” and male “oppression” of women, no matter what the facts might be.

On the other hand, Indian men are are widely considered to be in dire need of becoming more evolved, independent, confident, self-assured, and insightful about the female psyche – and to become less “beta”, to reject the social pressure to become another beast of burden, to stop putting women on a pedestal and to stand up for themselves.

There are not many India-focused manosphere blogs, and the ones which get started usually fizzle out after a few posts.  We hope to keep this alive and kicking, with a post at least every few days.

Welcome to Purushatma!


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